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In the world of business, there is no room for error. We know that that the profitability of your business depends greatly on our ability to provide you with accurate bookkeeping. Our accounting specialists will help you run your business efficiently by providing you with well-organized financial records.


With tax and insurance laws constantly changing, you need a firm that can successfully guide you to informed decisions regarding the current economic state. Nix Accounting Services is committed to keeping up with all the latest changes to ensure you both comply and prosper under the law.


No matter how complex your financial situation, we will be there when you need us to provide you with professional and objective financial advice. At Nix Accounting Services, we employ all of our expertise to ensure the growth and longevity of your wealth.

About Nix Accounting Services

A successful business is one that not only sends customers and clients home happy, but is one that has few hang ups and bottlenecks in administration and bookkeeping work. We know that it’s easy to get caught up in the paperwork, phone calls and book work that’s necessary for every business. At Nix Accounting Services we provide our Spokane and surrounding areas clients with professionals who can take care of the bookkeeping jobs while leaving you available to take care of the rest of your business needs.

Company History

Nix Accounting Services was founded in 2012 by Mindy Nichols, but I have been working in accounting since 1996. The idea for the business started because of the tough economic times in the Spokane, Spokane Valley and Coeur d’ Alene area. We want to help small to medium sized businesses and individuals fulfill their accounting needs without having to hire a full-time employee. Throughout the years, computerized accounting software may have changed the way we conduct business, but there are a few things that have always remained the same. We strive to guide our clients through complex financial entanglements in a straightforward and non-intimidating manner. Whether you have recently started a business or you have years’ worth of data entry, we deliver solutions based on your specific situation. Not only does our comprehensive approach allow us to provide our clients with constructive financial solutions, it also gives us the opportunity to create life-long relationships.